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Motor Control, Learning, and Rehabilitation Lab


.: Steps to Running an Experiment at the USC BCL


If you would like to run an experiment at the Brain Stimulation Laboratory, using either TMS or tDCS, the first step should be to set up a meeting to discuss the possibility/feasibility of running your experiment. Do that by emailing Dr. Roger D. Newman-Norlund ( to set up an appointment.


Type 1 / Pilot Studies:

If you require pilot data for a grant you are writing that would make use of brain stimulation, then you are eligible to apply for technical support from the BSLab. Use of the BSLab to acquire pilot data will cost $50/hr, maximum of 2500 TMS pulses per session. This is because there is a limited number of pulses that each TMS wand can deliver before it needs to be replaced, and because of the technical expertise required to help set up and run experiments.


Applying for Grants which Use the BSLab:

If you are planning to use the BSLab in a grant funded study, please budget $150 per participants per session to cover costs associated with use of the lab.

If you would like to propose a project which will utilize the lab, please email

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