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The easiest way to use MRIcroGL is to download the compiled version 

from the home page. However, the software is open source (distributed under the BSD license) so you can modify and recompile this software. Further, all the software you need to compile MRIcroGL is open source, so you can modify this software and build it on many platforms (to date: Windows, OSX Intel, Linux 32-bit Intel, Linux 64-bit Intel).

Download and install the following components:

  • Lazarus IDE and FreePascal compiler (Lazarus 1.6 or later required).
  • Install the "LazOpenGLContext" and "pascalscript" packages. To do this, use the Package/InstallPackages menu item and choose these two packages from the "Available for installation" column, then press the "Save and rebuild IDE" button. Optionally, before installing this I suggest using a text editor to add the line “{$DEFINE PS_DELPHIDIV}” into your “”. 
  • Get and extract the MRIcroGL source code.
  • You can now open the project with Lazarus and choose the Run/Compile menu item.

Next, build the software

  • Launch Lazarus.
  • Choose Project/OpenProject and open the file ‘simplelaz.lpi’ from the MRIcroGL source folder.
  • Choose Run/Run

A simpler alternative

MRIcroGL is a pretty complex program, and is therefore pretty hard to modify. You may want to try my compiling my minimal projects for both C and Lazarus.



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