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The easiest way to use MRIcroGL is to download the compiled version 

from the home page. However, the software is open source (distributed under the BSD license) so you can modify and recompile this software. Further, all the software you need to compile MRIcroGL is open source, so you can modify this software and build it on many platforms (to date: Windows, OSX Intel, Linux 32-bit Intel, Linux 64-bit Intel). 

Building MRIcroGL:

  • The source code and instructions for compiling MRIcroGL are hosted on GitHub.

Getting a pre-bult Copy

  • The latest release is available from NITRC.
  • The latest release is available from GitHub.
  • You can also get a pre-compiled copy for your preferred operating system using the following command:
  1. curl -fLO
  2. curl -fLO
  3. curl -fLO



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