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Neurolinguistics Lab

Paper on vowel formant dispersion accepted

Our paper on variance in vowel articulations by speakers with apraxia of speech has been accepted for publication in the journal Aphasiology.

"Vowel Formant Dispersion Reflects Severity of Apraxia of Speech" is a collaboration between Dirk den Ouden, Elena Galkina, Alexandra Basilakos and Julius Fridriksson. We measured the stability of vowel articulations in stroke survivors with aphasia, with apraxia of speech and without language/speech impairments and found that speakers with apraxia of speech in particular show great variance in their vowel productions. Previous studies have not always found vowel articulations to be measurably impaired in apraxia of speech, so we are now investigating whether this may have been due to task effects. Work in progress, so we'll keep you posted!

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