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The Language and Cognition aLab

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate researchers have been an important part of aLab since its inception. Beginning undergraduate researchers are typically involved in running experiments, preparing stimuli for experiments, and participate in data coding and analysis. More advanced undergraduate researchers work on their own projects. All lab members take part in weekly lab meetings in which we discuss our own projects and related research.


Doing research and being a member of a research lab is interesting and fun!

If you are considering graduate school, research experience is one of the most important factors looked at for graduate admission.  Many programs do not accept students who have no research experience!

Working for academic credit is an alternative way to increase your GPA while doing meaningful work for which you can be personally and directly evaluated without the anxiety involved in formal exams.

By getting involved you will be gaining research experience, will get to interact with faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students about research, and once you’ve obtained some experience, you will have an opportunity to work on your own project, possibly leading to the writing of a senior thesis.


Normally you will have to meet the following requirements:

Sophomore, Junior, or Senior

GPA of 3.0 or greater

Interest or background in psychology and/or language

Be able to be in the lab for a minimum of 9 hours a week


To work in the lab you will most likely enroll in PSYC 399 or 498 (independent study).

If interested, contact Dr. Almor at almor @ sc DOT edu

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