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The Language and Cognition aLab


Current members of the aLab:

Dr. Amit Almor – Associate Professor in Psychology and Linguistics

Tim Boiteau – Post Doc Researcher

Wei Cheng – Doctoral student in Linguistics

Shinichi Shoji – Doctoral student in Linguistics

Jefferson de Carvalho Maia – Doctoral student in Linguistics

Cameron Smith – Doctoral student in Experimental Psychology

aLab alumni:

Amanda Bennett – Undergrad researcher in the Honors College

Alan Peh – Undergrad researcher in the Honors College

Nicholas Tennison – Undergrad researcher

Gregory Swacus – Undergrad researcher

Alex Roberts – Undergrad researcher

Verena Ruppert – Exchange student from Germany

Dr. Sara Peters – After finishing her doctorate in Experimental Psychology at USC, Sara became an Assistant Professor at Newberry College

Dr. Carlos Gelormini-Lezama – after finishing his Ph.D. in Linguistics, Carlos accepted a postdoc at the INECO Foundation in Buenos Aires

Dr. Veena Nair – Veena finished her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and is currently a Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Evgenia Borshchevskaya – finished her Master’s in Experimental Psychology

Kat Wilson – completed her Master’s in Linguistics

Amy Henderson – finished her Master’s in Linguistics

Kristen Setzler Simensen – former aLab manager, current Director of the Calhoun County Library

Karen Shebuski – Undergrad researcher who will begin graduate school for Psychology Fall ’14

Sheida Abdi – Undergrad researcher preparing to begin graduate school in COMD in USC Fall ’14

David Zeigler – Undergrad researcher, moving to Atlanta after graduation

Martina Nelson – Undergrad researcher, moving to D.C. after graduation

Fei Zhao – visiting scholar from Shanghai, China

Jie Wang – visiting graduate student from Suzhou, China

Elizabeth Shay – SREBCS researcher

Rucha Makati – former undergrad researcher, current Research Assistant at Stanford University

Geetanjali Pathak – former undergrad researcher, currently preparing for medical school

Kristen Bertram – former undergrad researcher

Lisa Matsukata – SREBCS researcher

Autumn Boyd – former undergrad researcher

Jeremy May – former undergrad researcher

Afotey Quaye – former undergrad researcher

Eric Bowers – former undergrad researcher

Dr. Randy Lowell – former undergrad researcher, currently an Assistant Professor at USC, Union

Matthew Quattlebaum – former undergrad researcher

Stephen Fischer – former undergrad researcher

Lauren Hodge – former undergrad researcher

Traci Carnes – former undergrad researcher

Lauren Meara – former research assistant

Mary Katherine Allawos – former undergrad researcher

Gal Soltz – former undergrad researcher

Michael Phillips – former undergrad researcher

Sam Hardy – graduate student in Linguistics

Dr. Brent Strickland – former research assistant

Dina Holden – former undergrad researcher

Christine Tyler – former undergrad researcher

Amy Furmanski – former graduate student in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Bobby Frankenbuerger – former undergrad researcher

Raquel Vaca – former undergrad researcher

Leysa Lasota – former undergrad researcher

Ray Saut – former undergrad researcher

Jeni Mehta – former undergrad researcher

Dewaker Deepika – former undergrad researcher

Monica Johnson – former undergrad researcher

Jeremy Melville – former undergrad researcher

Elise Amacker – undergraduate SRI researcher

Brittany Sheppe – former undergrad researcher

Melissa Jantz – former graduate research assistant

Allison Gulick – former undergrad researcher

Melissa Robinson – former undergrad researcher

Joanna Piasecki – former undergrad researcher

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