Chris Rorden  

Read about some of my recent research collaborations on the neuropsychology lab web page).
Background CV/resumé: education, jobs and publications.
Medical imaging:
MRIcron NIfTI viewer and dcm2nii DICOM converter (Linux, Windows, OSX).
MRIcro Analyze viewer (Linux, Windows, OSX).
MRIcroGL hardware-accelerated NIfTI viewer (Linux, Windows, OSX).
MRIcro viewer (OSX only).
Introduction to the DICOM format, ezDICOM software, and fMRI data logger .
Neuroanatomy atlas.
fMRI: Image to inference
Sensation and perception
Digital Image Processing
Obsolete web pages: Old courses or projects that I no longer maintain.
Windows tools for GZ compression, 'End of Line' conversion and extension renaming
Statistics and ANOVA freeware.

Principal Investigator, Neuropsychology Lab, Columbia SC, USA
Professor, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC, USA
Co-Director, McCausland Center for Brain Imaging, Columbia SC, USA