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Neurolinguistics Lab

Vowel formant dispersion as a marker of apraxia of speech

Poster presentation at the Academy of Aphasia conference in Wales, UK.

With co-authors Elena Galkina, Alexandra Basilakos and Julius Fridriksson, Dirk presented the poster “Vowel formant dispersion reflects severity of Apraxia of Speech” at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Aphasia in Llandudno, Wales, U.K., on October 17th. Using a linear discriminant analysis, the study shows that instability of vowel formant production across word productions, together with the stability of voice onset time, is a strong predictor of the presence of apraxia of speech in stroke survivors. Apraxia of Speech (AOS) is often difficult to differentiate from aphasic production problems and from dysarthria. Diagnostically, it is an improvement if this speech output deficit can be more clearly characterized in objectively measurable acoustic terms, such as vowel formant dispersion.

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